Pastor Kevin James is training up an Army of believers who will bring into reality the spiritual truth of the kingdom of Yahuwshua ha’ Mashiach within us! It is our duty to let the Master’s love, character and power within us shine outward to all nations!


Yahuwshua ha’Mashiach is the Head of the Body (the true called out, blood-bought assembly of Believers). Those within the five-fold gifts are merely servants of the flock and the Master.

What is genuine Apostolic and Prophetic Kingdom Government?

Traditional leadership paradigms and conventional forms of networking are incompatible with Spirit-led living and Messiah-centered governance.  Why is this so? And what does it mean?

  • The commonly accepted definition of networking is; the building of relationships whereby individuals and groups can share and exchange information and resources for the mutual benefit of all parties.
  • The problem with this worldly paradigm of networking is two-fold. (1) Members of the network relate to each based on ‘what you can potentially do for me’.  In the kingdom of Yahuwah that mentality is unacceptable. (2) An improper and ungodly value system is embraced. The more affluent members of the network are esteemed of greater value than others.  A ‘big me-little you’ mentality is a subconscious undertone.

The body of Messiah has a distorted understanding of those two gifts. Apostles and prophets are not offices of authority. They are serving gifts.

The failure to understand this truth is the reason why we see a surge of new apostles and self-appointed prophets rising up every day. How sickening.

Their ultimate goal is to ursurp authority over the True Head of the Church – Yahuwshuah Messiah our Lord. The body of Christ does realize how dangerous these serpents are to the health of the church. These false prophets and apostles are by biblical definition  ‘anti-Christ’.  Truly, they are in opposition to Christ and against the Lord being the true Head of the church. They are Messiah’s true enemy.


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