Global Missions


Rivers of Glory International is committed to taking the message of God’s unconditional loving grace, salvation and miracle-working power to all the nations of the earth.

Matthew 28:18-20

…Jesus came to them and said, …19 ….go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


  • Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa)
  • Pakistan (Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad/Wapda City)
  • Philippine Islands
  • India (Andhra Pradesh/East Godavari District)
  • Bahamas Islands
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

The worldwide spiritual family of Messiah must understand the divine mandate to carry the good news our Savior’s resurrection, reign and work of restoring the earth in to proper order through establishing His kingdom in the earth. In other words, the gospel message isn’t about empty talk. The gospel demands a revealing or unveiling of the reign of Messiah over the curse of sin, sickness and disease!

Critical Need

Please sendnon-perishable food items, books, audio tapes, iPods, CD Players, laptop computers, software programs, nice clothing and shoes, tents/camping gear, water purifiers, non-pharmaceuticals (aspirin, iodine, rubbing alcohol, sporting goods, etc.)

We are all called to help the homeless, AIDS victims, orphans, the elderly and needy of the world. To accomplish our vision for 2016, we are believing that God will raise up 300 anointed servants of God to join us on missions trips and to give their best financial gifts to help us hit the target goal.

“He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

John 7:38 (King James Version 

[Zechariah 14:8] will flow.’ [Proverbs 18:4; Isaiah 44:3; 58:11; 43:19f,Ezekiel 47:1-12; Joel 4:18; Song of Solomon 4:15].